Nature Freak Walking

Mountain Maniacs on the Kaibab Trail

When the kids were small, we would rehash an eventful day at the dinner table with each of us relating “our favorite part” of the day. Right now my favorite part of my life is walking in the desert. You see, I can justify loads of time spent tromping up ridgelines and down washes because I’m training to hike the Grand Canyon; in fact we leave in eight days! So I’m indulging myself in all hiking and no guilt. After a few hours out there reveling in the silence and embracing the vistas the trail spits me back onto a sidewalk – shiny cars roll past and teenage boys tussle with a football in the cul-de-sac. I feel like an alien, a desert creature dropped onto a dish of asphalt.
I’m fortunate to be joining the local Mountain Maniacs on their annual hike down to Phantom Ranch. Trips into the canyon require detail management, and T the group instigator, has had bunk houses and meals reserved since last January. There has been a rigorous schedule of training hikes. The packing party was held a few days ago, so the newbies could bring their packs and see if they jive with what the experienced gals bring along. The Maniacs traditionally hike the Grand Canyon on the third weekend in January, when the trails are relatively quiet and winter weather adds a real element of excitement. I went along in ’07 as well. As the group name suggests, this is a fit bunch of women, so I’m hiking, jump roping, doing wall sits and heel lifts, all to get stronger soon. It feels delicious and selfish to be in training….hey, it’s all about me!


One response to “Nature Freak Walking

  1. I’m so jealous! Well…not about the training part, but about the hiking into the Canyon part! Have a GREAT time!

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