Baby bird rescue

Still fuzzy barn owls Photo courtesy of Liberty Wildlife

The strong winds of spring can spell disaster for hatchling babies. A baby bird that is still covered in fuzz is too young to survive on its own. Since birds have no way of lifting their young back into a nest, a hatchling blown from its nest will be doomed unless a kindly human steps in. The baby can be successfully placed back into the nest if the location is known. If the entire nest has blown down the pieces can be placed into a margarine container (poked with holes for drainage) and taped into a high spot. Mom will usually come back. When in doubt, please call a wildlife rehabilitator like Liberty Wildlife here in the Phoenix area. They will give you directions to their facility and you can bring that cute little bird in for care until it can be released back to the wild. If you find a downy raptor on the ground, such as these barn owls, please call for a rescue volunteer to come pick the animal up. Even the babies come armed with sharp talons. Liberty Wildlife’s hotline number is 480-998-5550. Call and leave a message and a helpful volunteer will soon call you back. Many birds fall prey to calamities indirectly caused by humans, helping a baby bird evens the score – and it feels great!


2 responses to “Baby bird rescue

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  2. Thanks for covering this most important message to the public…babies will be grownups with your sage advice! On their behalf and on behalf of the fretting human that finds them, we thank you.

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