Confessions of a Kept Woman

Peace lies in looking and listening

The demands on my time have been significantly reduced of late. Rather than embracing the fact and planning one pleasurable day after another, I have felt guilty. Happily puttering in my sunny garden seems indecent while people with jobs battle hair-raising commutes, unpleasant bosses and unsatisfying work. So I ponder my life’s true purpose. I tell myself I should sign up for a class on Excel spreadsheets, or finally comb through my resume. Surely we must all function successfully in the work day world to survive?
Some days I remember to look and listen. The yellow chaise lounge is toasty from sunshine and my colorful garden surrounds me. A verdin “cheets” repeatedly in the butterfly orchid tree. She is possibly drunk on blossom nectar as the tree is loaded with fat pink blooms. In a yard next door a mockingbird runs through a series of whistles and trills. The booming coo of doves is woven with the drone of bees working the bottle brush trees. A tree lizard hops rock to rock and the breeze lifts my papers. I can hear bird calls echoing from further off. A dog barks gruffly just twice. The scent of jasmine spices the air.
I’ve recently heard about a friend who has entered hospice and is facing her ultimate journey far too early. I carry thoughts of her laughter and grace in my heart and I am grateful for so much. I’m working on my five year goals and I am the luckiest person I know.


4 responses to “Confessions of a Kept Woman

  1. I love reading and adventuring through your words. You say it all so well. Do not feel guilty for enjoying the simple things that bring joy and beauty to this world. I need your words to help remember those little things that mean so much. Our friend did the same, and enjoyed her life here on this great earth every moment she was in it and the world is a much richer place having had her here.

  2. Lovely! I think you should lose the guilt and enjoy your freedom…it is what most of us long for and you are delighting, at least me, with the pearls of your freedom…forget the other stuff and do what you do so well…we, your followers, all grow and learn from your missives…get over yourself!!!!
    Your ex boss……….

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