Chinese Elm Bees

Beautiful bark of Chinese Elm...and a honey bee

Hear a droning while walking in the schoolyard. A Chinese elm tree’s branches arch toward the ground. Step under the canopy and enter a world of bees. The buzz is steady and rhythmic, my heart beats likewise. Beneath the hum is a subtle sound like water slipping through a deep stream, or blood through veins and arteries. Look up to see the bees. They labor carrying their parcels of pollen that bulge on each hind leg. They nearly stagger flying from one tiny flower cluster to the next. The spent flowers drop from the tree and tumble across my arms, brushed from the twigs by the steady movement of bees.

And, enjoy this bee poem by Naomi Shihab Nye:

Did you ever see a bee’s little bucket?
I was 39 before I saw. Dipping into flowers,
the bee holds the bucket with its feet,
filling it, flying home pollen-rich,
and if someone puts a screen at the mouth
of the hive, the bucket catches when
the bee flies in. It has a handle.
Where does it get the bucket?
It spins it from its own body-
Why are bees so lucky?….


One response to “Chinese Elm Bees

  1. Delightful images…we indeed need bees (I love all of the eeeeees)…sounds like the bees zeeees.

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