Occupy the Outdoors

Moon over South Mountain Park

The Occupy movement seems to be ending rather badly, and you wonder if there was any other way it could come to a close. I was trying to think if they accomplished much besides a steady diet of drama. I’d like to see the corporations that dump toxins in the air and garbage in the rivers called out for their actions, but I must be too old for camping in a city square. Here is a clean take on the idea.
What about a movement to Occupy the Outdoors? It would be the simplest stand any of us could ever make. No need to fly cross country to a dismal park crowded with strangers, just take an hour or so and go outside. Take a hike, go camping, visit a park or hang out in a garden. Really inhabit the place for a bit. As an occupier, you’ll become familiar with the surroundings – get to know the natives; the trees, shrubs, flowers, birds, bees, critters and crawlers. Occupy the outdoors to enjoy a sunset, to see the moonshine gleam or to savor some peace in the shadowless noontime. Make dates to honor the seasons in your special outdoor places. Invite friends and family – have picnics, celebrate.
In fact OCCUPY could be an acronym for the practice:
Observe – use all six senses to really take in your corner of the outdoors
Cherish – do you like what you see, smell, hear, touch, taste and intuit? Bring it into your heart and let nature occupy you as well
Choose – think about your day to day actions and how they affect the outdoors world
Unwind – time spent in nature refreshes the spirit and heals the mind
Project – text, tweet, talk and write about your Occupy experiences, spread the word
Youth – technology is the future but kids benefit tremendously from time spent outdoors so don’t forget the youngsters on your Occupy the Outdoors mission
Imagine if 99% of the population allowed the gifts of nature to occupy their hearts. Then we’d see some real changes in this world.


One response to “Occupy the Outdoors

  1. You need to submit this to a bigger audience! So well done………

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