Why I LOVE to Weed

One big weed

I love the feeling when the little roots give way and rip out of the earth
I love the sun on my back, warming and permeating me with solar vigor and Vitamin D
I love practicing my Zen mindfulness And daydreaming
I love observing the birds, the bugs, and the feel of the breeze on my face
I love seeing my neighbors out weeding too
I love the satisfaction of a previously weedy area all tidied up
I love it that weeding requires no special tools, clothes or equipment
I love it that the HOA won’t be sending me a chastising letter
I love it that I get to bend and crouch and use some neglected muscles
And of course, I love it that I am not pouring, spraying or squirting poison on the earth

Cathy Cromwell has a few tips for controlling weeds without toxins in her book Earth Friendly Desert Gardening:

Get to weeds before they flower and seed to cut down on next year’s work.

White vinegar is a non-toxic weed killer, put it in a spray bottle and try to avoid spraying your landscape plants while you are at it. This works best on summer weeds such as spurge, pigweed and purslane.

Look into using corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent herbicide. This patented by-product impedes root formation as seeds germinate. Since corn gluten meal is 10 % nitrogen it is a safe weed and feed alternative for lawns. Look for it at your favorite nursery or buy it online, and remember that timing is critical for successful use of this product.

Dave the Garden Guy likes corn gluten meal, and he has a non-toxic formula for killing weeds growing in gravel areas.


3 responses to “Why I LOVE to Weed

  1. I loved your poetry and am motivated to write one about cleaning up after the olives have smashed on my patio, been eaten by the birds who then poop all over things….another reason for having all native trees.
    Your blog has motivated me to seek out the weeds and get started..
    I loved it.

  2. please, Gail, come weed in my garden…it’s a big mess…xo

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