Back To School Rain Quiz

Ocotillo plants leaf out after a good rain.

I was going to write about the wildlife that has been discovered to inhabit our bodies, the microbes that live on our skin, in our gut, our mouth etc. But after walking in the desert this morning it just has to be about rain. The desert is flourishing with the rains we have received recently and so here comes the rain quiz.
True or False:
The seed of a saguaro cactus requires rain twice within ten days to germinate.
Ample rain in summer can spur a second and third round of breeding for quail, doves, mockingbirds and others.
Neighborhoods in Tucson have transformed sunbaked sidewalks into shady lanes by harvesting rainwater runoff from the streets into basins that sustain native trees.
In a desert wash a good sized plant will up and migrate as the rainwater runoff sweeps it and the dirt it grows in downstream.
Great hordes of harvester ants sprout wings and cluster together on mountaintops for orgies of mating after monsoon rains.
Hawaiian peoples have over a hundred different names for rain.
Even here in the desert the average residential rooftop collects enough water during the rainy seasons to keep an average desert landscaped yard thriving all year long.
Couch’s spadefoot toad only comes out of its burrow after monsoon rains.
In 1983 a huge tropical storm originating in the Pacific displaced 100,000 Arizonans, washed out the I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson, destroyed 1300 homes and killed 13 people.
The average person carries 3-4 pounds of microbes in their gut.
Yep, all true.
To read more about microbes on your person see


2 responses to “Back To School Rain Quiz

  1. What a fun blog…cleverly done, interesting, most informative…and know that much of the flora and fauna we carry around is oh so good for us.

  2. Interesting…especially about the microbes. That totally explains why I can’t shake that last three to four pounds! 🙂

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