Indoor pollution!

What’s under your kitchen sink?

Insects, snakes, turkey vultures, how else can I test you readers?
How about indoor pollution? Not long ago I read a book called Greener Cleaner Indoor Air by Dr. Mark R. Sneller who lives in Tucson. Dr. Sneller spent decades studying microbiology and is an expert in pollen, molds and toxins and is also a member of the Society of American Magicians.
I don’t believe the good doctor would pull the wool over our eyes, yet the facts in this book astound me…..grizzly tidbits about dust, pesticides and allergens right inside our own cozy homes. If you don’t want to upset your peace of mind stop reading here, but if you want to know what’s in the air you breathe indoors you might consider checking this book out.
A few facts straight from the book:
We are ten times more likely to get cancer from our indoor environment than from outdoors.
Household dust is comprised of over fifty different particle types (eeeww).
Everyday chemicals can affect our children’s ability to learn.
EPA classifies fragrances and perfumes as hazardous.
The refrigerator is the worst area of the home to harbor bacteria, mold and viruses, both inside and out.
Four simple and inexpensive cleaning agents can save you money and give you and yours a healthier environment. These outstanding cleaners are lemon, vinegar, baking soda and borax. Dr. Sneller writes pages of uses for these everyday purifiers and includes chores that have never occurred to me. He is very big on vinegar as a disinfectant and claims that a 5% solution kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of molds and 80% of viruses. Use this solution to wipe down that nasty refrigerator, as well as handles everywhere, countertops, toilets etc.
The baking soda list stretches the imagination. You can use bs to get rid of odors in your shoes, in your room, your car or the litter box. You can clean stubborn pot bottoms, your teeth, combs and brushes, and even the battery terminals in your car! Borax and baking soda can be mixed in equal parts for a natural dishwashing detergent. Borax is an antifungal and will clean toilets, tiles, sinks and carpets; use it to boost laundry detergent and to discourage insects. Dip a half a lemon in borax to scrub away stubborn rings in tubs and tanks. The lemon removes the mineral build up and the borax takes out the soap and grease.
Lovely subject huh? But especially if you suffer from allergies you really should read this book. At the very least, leave off your shoes when you enter the house, keep on top of dust and don’t use chemicals inside the home.


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  1. I am speechless in my filth………….

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