Reseeding’s for the Birds

Esmerelda Ballhead is too lazy to chase birds

Great horned owl has a bad idea

We have a small lawn that we over seed every October with rye grass, as the hardy Burmuda grass goes dormant once the temperatures drop. Over seeding makes our yard a bird mecca for ten days until the seeds sprout. In the morning or late afternoon it’s wall to wall doves and quails pecking like mad, gobbling down that expensive grass seed. The dog isn’t interested in guarding the yard against the birds, so last week I made a scare crow, or would that be a scare dove? She worked really well for exactly one day until the birds figured out she didn’t move around much. Then I tried a giant exercise ball with eyeballs glued on (read that somewhere). This made them nervous, but still the birds flocked to scarf down the seeds.
The large numbers of seed eaters congregating seemed to attract other birds. Keeping an eye out, I witnessed some goofy behavior. This must be the season’s last crop of juveniles out there acting like teenagers. A mockingbird came several mornings to the sill of a high window, peered inside and pecked on the glass. Then he jumped up and down flapping his wings, presumably showing off for his reflection. Yesterday a scruffy looking Gila woodpecker was playing in the newly filled water saucer. (Yes, I’m trying real hard to discourage those birds!) The woodpecker dipped her head down to the water and took a sip then threw her head back and tossed it side to side. Swishing that water around to release the flavor? Seeing her reminded me of the year the juvenile great horned owl flew into the yard on a blistering hot day and sat in the fountain, letting the water run right onto his head. This must have felt wonderful, but when the owl decided to leave the fountain he found his feathers were completely waterlogged and he had to spend several hours sitting on the ground until things dried out enough that he could fly away. Crazy teenagers! But look at us humans, we let ours drive cars.


One response to “Reseeding’s for the Birds

  1. This so made me smile! I loved the scare dove!

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