Thankful for wild water

Arizona’s Fossil Creek

The home-cooked meal holiday is nearly here. Thankfully modern cooks enjoy a wide range of conveniences to help with the preparation. My friend Nancy has the entire meal delivered to her door, nearly table-ready. At the other end of the spectrum, gravy in a box is a miracle. Our culture provides us with plenty and still places a high value on gathering with family and friends around tables heaped with traditional dishes.
Speaking of placing a high value, take a moment while filling the big pot with water for potatoes to give thanks for conveniences, including that magical flow of clean pure water that rushes so abundantly from your shiny tap. The water that facilitates our turkey day meal prep and clean up also provides for life itself and is available every day in our households all pressed and polished, like your favorite relative arriving for the special meal.
Maybe we forget water has a wild life all its own. Go ahead and get those potatoes boiling, they take awhile. Envision the clear water bubbling from under a rock high on a mountain in a grotto dressed with ferns and whispering with water cress. Towering pine trees sidle to the water and thirsty roots reach. Trickling ever downhill water picks up tiny pebbles and grit and willingly carries this load of nutrient rich sediment. Thickets of green overhang the banks and leaves transpire water molecules that rise up and up high overhead until they cluster so dense that gravity pulls them back down in rain drops and snow flakes.
Sunlight provides energy to simple plants that thrive and grow in the watery world until snap! They are served on a platter along with sides of organic matter for hungry fish, insect larvae and amphibians. Teeming with life, water swirls downstream joining and meeting up with other streams. Mule deer emerge from the shadows; wade into the shallows and drink. A juvenile bald eagle splashes clumsily to clutch a flashing silver fish and so weathers another brush with survival.
Of course it’s your municipality that gets water all gussied up and pipes it on over for your everyday convenience. But this year I’ll be giving thanks to the wild waterways. By the way, I whip the potatoes, put them in a casserole and double bake them. Mind it makes for a hot dish to pass.


3 responses to “Thankful for wild water

  1. Just finished the dishes, tired and ready to sit down… what a beautiful reminder and visual of where that water comes from.. What a privilege to be able to do dishes! Thanks for the gratitude reminder.

  2. you are such a articulate interesting writer, Gail…keep up the great work! maybe a book someday!!! xo

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