Moving On

IMGP3861Every member of my immediate family has recently moved or is in the process of moving their households. I feel like the boulder in the middle of the stream. But inescapably, even streams don’t stay in one place. The process of stream morphology sneakily moves tiny grains of sediment. Sandy banks are carved into sweeping curves while rocky stretches jut stubborn. Ultimately the stream bed itself has moved house. Nature’s lessons prove that change does indeed come to all.
Yoga gurus teach that life can only be fully experienced by focusing in the moment, every moment. But as the vigilant red tail hawk floats overhead his shiny eyes probing the shadows below, the squirrel hides, his cheeks stuffed with rich nuts for the winter. Live in the moment but provide for the future is another integral tenet of nature.
Modern humans don’t have to worry much about absolute survival through winter, as we have developed the capacity to insulate ourselves against the elements. The winter of our lives is change itself, which brings opportunity but also presents challenges. Don’t we all love our routines? And more than that, we thrive when we master the conditions and gain control over those variances that threaten to disrupt the smooth flow of our lives.
Upheaval and frustration accompany adjustments to new routines as new residents, new employees, new students learn to navigate their changed world. Experience shows we do come out the other side, with an upper hand once more and in reasonable control of our days. This unruly and uncomfortable process is called growth.
We boulders in the stream will someday find that we too have become unrooted and have begun to roll. We too will confront the confusion and fear of the unknown. Ultimately we’ll come to rest in a new place and slowly this home will become our new normal.


3 responses to “Moving On

  1. yes, very beautiful my dear friend…and some old stones keep bumping into each other as the river pushes us along…hugs, cheri

  2. Such a beautifully written reminder of what each of us go through….some of us more rooted than others, some of us initiating change while others cling for dear life to the routine…..thanks for handing us the spade that will possibly scratch away at our tendrils and roots that resist all change!


    Very good , will save and read daily for next month or so.

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