A Worthy Cause Awaits Action

Orphan barn owls at Liberty

Orphan barn owls at Liberty

A true urban river, the Salt in late November

A true urban river, the Salt in late November

We all have causes we support and still we’re bombarded with email, snail mail and phone solicitations from others we don’t. If only we could win the lottery! Just this past weekend at a sumptuous party put on by good friends, two guests enthused about the rewards of working with the charities they assist, one as a volunteer and the other as a staff member. UMOM (homeless shelter for families) and Maggie’s Place (housing for pregnant and parenting women in need) surely benefit from the talents and energy of these two vibrant women.
Yes, we all have causes that tug at our hearts. Take a moment to consider Liberty Wildlife. Here is a local organization, a 501(c)3 that works to rescue, heal and return to the wild injured birds, tortoises, snakes, coyotes and cottontail rabbits that are found on the streets and in fields and backyards of our community. Our hometown’s wild animals are given another chance at life because of Liberty Wildlife. The dedication of the small staff and large number of volunteers that fuel the rehabilitation efforts is jaw dropping.
The group has an opportunity right now to build a permanent facility, open to the public and tasked with the mission of teaching children and adults about the wild animals and habitats of the Sonoran Desert. The new hospital and rehab area will be housed in one wing, while the other will provide space for education programs from meet and greets with education ambassador animals to free flight demonstrations, snake talks, bird walks and riparian programs. A curriculum that connects children with nature will be a cornerstone of the new center.
Liberty has purchased six and a half acres on the Rio Salado for the facility and is currently fundraising for the construction of the building. The land sits midway between the Rio Salado Restoration area and Tempe Town Lake. The city’s new peace path linking the two will bring walkers, cyclists and equestrians right past the new Liberty Wildlife on the River site.
If you are the type who looks for a shoebox and someone to help when you find an injured bird, perhaps you’ll feel you could contribute to Liberty’s permanent home. Like every wild animal knows, every little bit helps. Liberty could be chosen a featured charity at next spring’s Waste Management Phoenix Open Birdies for Charity fundraiser. This venue would provide invaluable visibility for the group. There is a January 2 deadline for donations that will propel a few charities to “featured” status. Please consider going online now to support wildlife at www.libertywildlife.org.


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  1. At the risk of being self serving….I love this blog!

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