Celebrating Hopeful News

Great blue heron at Wild Horse Pass Resort

Great blue heron at Wild Horse Pass Resort

On this final day of 2013 three stories in the Arizona Republic newspaper suggested some encouraging news for the Earth. Three coal-fired generators in Farmington, New Mexico are being shuttered after 50 years of spewing carbon dioxide, acid rain, mercury, sulfur, ash and sludge. Coal produced electricity is cheap, but we can’t afford the health consequences. Luckily, this year U.S. residents burned through electricity at our slowest rate since the early 2000’s. This is the third consecutive year of increases in cost-saving energy efficiency in homes and businesses. And, the US Census tracked another year of nearly static population growth. Miles driven in private vehicles fell again in 2013 and the carbon footprint of the average American is the smallest since the 1960’s.
This is just the beginning of fundamental changes that our society must make to put the brakes on climate change and start to better protect our natural resources. But it seems that everywhere these days change is happening. Look at the growth in farmers markets, community gardens, CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), citizen science projects tracking everything from rainfall to hummingbirds, increased awareness of the dangers posed by industrial toxins in our food and water sources, the recognition and preservation of red zones of habitat that contain the highest levels of plant and animal diversity, a surge in popularity of holistic healing and all natural products. It feels like we are starting up a new and hopeful path. Considering the way that culture and fashion swings easily from one fascination to another, I feel that change for the better is certainly possible.


One response to “Celebrating Hopeful News

  1. I love your positive approach to things and your wonderful optimism….I choose to agree with you.

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