An arrow to the heart

IMGP5987This saguaro cactus is probably about one hundred and fifty years old. If you can imagine, when this plant first pushed up through the soil, there were no roads, no subdivisions, no convenience stores, and no state called Arizona. In fact, White folks were just beginning to stream into the Southwest, drawn by stories of silver and gold for the taking.
Up until then, the land, the plants and the animals had been revered and respected by native, indigenous peoples. Humans had seen themselves as just one part of the interlocking web of life.
I’m not sure how long it will take the arrow that some cretin shot through the arm of this enduring cactus to rot. But until it does the saguaro will stand tall in defiance of the nonsense that is displayed here. I recognize that people have defaced trees by carving initials in them, hammering nails in to build forts and that we have decimated entire forests of ancient trees for building materials and single use paper towels and toilet paper.
Most probably this one arrow won’t harm the saguaro. So I’m trying to identify the source of my outrage. Perhaps it’s one more point of shame for my fellow humans. For if you were to take measure of these two beings, the shooter and the saguaro, its obvious which is the more admirable.


2 responses to “An arrow to the heart

  1. This makes my blood boil.

  2. You are so right…amen my friend!

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