April in Arizona is Water Awareness Month. It’s good timing, as the outside temps are rising and the sunlight is starting to take on that knife’s edge of intensity. This is when our yards get thirsty. Approximately 75% of residential water use is outdoors.
There is a website of course: www.waterawarenessmonth.com. Check out the nifty calendar featuring daily water tips. Tabs offer resources, events and more ways to save on water. Find rebates for lowering your outdoor water usage, learn about rainwater harvesting, see lists of low water plants and more.
Az residents are challenged to set a goal of less than 100 gallons of water per person per day. With the two of us in our home, that would mean less than 6000 gallons a month. Still seems like a lot! I looked our water bill and in the last billing period we did use just under that. But usually we’re higher.

In 2013 we took out about a third of our lawn, paring down to just what we see out the family room window, and enough for the dog. We also purchased a rain tank. I don’t really miss the lawn, and I love the tank! It’s positioned under a scupper on the back of the house and one hundred gallons are “harvested” when just one inch of rain falls. For the past five months I’ve had rain water to put on my potted plants and to soak into my vegetable garden, leaching out the salts that our city water contains. The plants look great and the veggies are going nuts. I could use another tank.
The one we got was a Cubo from Oasis Rainwater Harvesting. It’s made of heavy duty plastic and comes in a variety of colors. It has a screened top to keep out debris, an overflow valve, which we’ve needed and a fixture to attach the hose.
I’m hoping to come up with more ways to cut down on water use. What about you? Send a comment and let me know how you’re saving water.


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