Efficiency Unit

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Cozy Interior

Cozy Interior

A pioneer from the 1800’s built this cabin in Northern Idaho. What a testament to efficiency! I couldn’t stop smiling from the moment I laid eyes on it until the last picture was snapped.

I have to confess that I live in a home that’s over 3,000 square feet. Downsizing is definitely in order, but I never quite imagined paring things down to such an essential scale.

The early inhabitants of our land faced serious, even life threatening challenges, but how do those stack up against the cares and responsibilities that plague the lives of modern humans? Sure, the pioneers wore the same clothes every day, but don’t laundry chores become a drag? Think of the water we use to keep our extensive collections of clothing clean, not to mention dry cleaning solvents, bleaches, detergents and fabric softeners that taint the environment.

Actually, among the many tools and utensils of daily life placed economically about the cabin was an iron! Just because people were spartan does not mean they were unkempt. Another tool I noticed was a “travel sized” washing board resembling a cheese grater. Let’s not forget that modern life has saved us from some grisly chores.

The bed appeared harsh compared to my extra thick mattress with box spring and gel mattress pad (ahem), but how can we know how it felt to roll up in a luxurious bear skin and rest on a nice firm surface? After a day spent working hard in the fresh air it probably felt heavenly.

Maybe our elaborate indoor spaces became more important to us when we found ourselves walled off from the natural world, divorced from the soughing of wind in trees and water bubbling over smooth stones. Instead of tuning into seasons and the opportunities they bring to feed our families, we now watch the stock market, professional athletes and wars in countries we don’t understand. We pore over screens that light up our senses and connect us to a technological world, rich beyond measure in information and stimulation but poor in actual experience.

Just one hundred and fifty years ago our ancestors lived a hard life, but a real life, with challenges that required craft and intelligence and hard physical work. They were integrated with the environment around them. These are the genes we carry today, even as we inch our vehicles along crowded freeways and devote our energy to acquiring possessions and isolating ourselves from the elements. It’s hard to define where we’ve advanced and where we’ve lost ground.

Granite Creek Trib


2 responses to “Efficiency Unit

  1. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

  2. Well…you nailed that one…right on the head….nicely done as always.

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