Speedy Salenopid

Waiting to ambush

Waiting to ambush

Now that I’m working, I don’t have as much time to poke around in the desert watching for cool plants and critters. These days, Onelookout often concerns wild things discovered inside the house.

There’s been a spider living in the family room for a couple of weeks now. We see him on the wall, usually poised about four inches from the framed picture of Husky stadium. The aerial photograph from the 70’s encompasses many of our early hangouts and is a fond relic of college days at University of Washington.

When I first spied the spider I thought to whack him with my flip flop. But as I crept up, he easily nipped behind the picture frame. The lightning fast Salenopid crab spider watches with six eyes, and yes, he notices every move you make.

I’ve written about this crevice dwelling spider before…when a spider we called Flattie lived briefly in the laundry room. Salenopid crab spiders are mostly found here in the Southwest, and are known to consume lots of insects, but never humans.

With that in mind, I decided to let this spider remain in his hangout behind Husky stadium. We continued to see him now and then near the picture. Then Marc reported he’d seen Salenopid again, this time high in the stairwell.

The stairwell is some distance from the family room! Well, Salenopid’s a speedy guy and maybe our square footage about matches the territorial needs of a crab spider.

Later, I was reading about urban agriculture on the desktop, when a paper rattled on my desk. I looked down in time to see the spider scuttling sideways across the sheet. I could actually hear the drumming of his eight little feet.

I guess I’m getting better at acknowledging that we share this land with other natural beings. Maybe it’s learning to live with the spiders at the greenhouse, all in the name of Integrated Pest Management. In any case, I did not scream.

When Salenopid visited my desk, I just went into the kitchen. When I came back later, the spider was gone. We haven’t seen him since. I imagine that his vision of me, through all those eyes was the more terrifying, but I’m quite sure he did not scream either.


One response to “Speedy Salenopid

  1. The spider’s grateful for your peaceful coexistence philosophy!

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